WooCommerce Website Builder Review

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While many businesses are quickly advancing into opening online retail stores to market and sell their products, WooComerce is coming up as a major destination. This huge flocking of clients into the WooCommerce platform has been occasioned by their unique features. It virtually houses every need required to have a WordPress based merchandise up and running.

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One of the major setbacks of a firm getting an online retail shop website is high cost. Some platforms charge exorbitant charges to host ecommerce websites.  Downloading and installing WooCommerce is absolutely free. Further this ecommerce solution does not charge monthly fees to its users. Although there are pay-for themes sold by WooCommerce, most of it’s themes are absolutely free. Most themes mainly for new and small businesses are free. The paid-for themes are of different prices depending on the specifications and features the client is looking for. Themes go for about eighty to one hundred and forty dollars. Users of this ecommerce platform do not necessarily need to have a merchandise account. Woo commerce integrates directly with PayPal thus receiving and processing payments are done using the user’s PayPal account. This saves the clients costs of paying high bank fees.



 WooCommerce builds an attractive storefront from the businesses existing blogs and websites. It also launches a stand-on storefront as the user may deem fit. There are a host of free WordPress functions that integrates easily with WooCommerce. Creating a storefront using this ecommerce system is therefore fast, convenient and easy.


There are a host of themes provided by WordPress and WooCommerce. Customizing them is easy to the user. One can add the logo header and brands of their business. There are built-in options that enables the user customize these themes. Changing colours to suit the preference of the user is provided for in the colour picker and drop-down menu of WooCommerce. Users with sophisticated technology expertise add widgets and short codes and cascading style sheets.


Processing payments for an online retail store is utterly important. WooCommerce offers a range of extensions to users. They range from accounting, order filling, analysis and processing payments. Some of these extensions are free while others are paid for. The huge library enables a business to integrate different business applications and functions to have a comprehensive online store business. WooCommerce gives vendors absolute control of their store because it lets them streamline the operations of the store. Extensions provided by word press and other thirty party developers seamlessly work with this ecommerce platform. Users therefore get a wide range of options of customizing their store. Deliveries and invoices are customized to suit the store. Further WooCommerce gives traders the ability to integrate and incorporate affiliate programs.

Customer care

WooCommerce has an amazing customer support to help answer questions bothering them. Users can trouble shoot problems by themselves of reach the support staff. Help is sifted into different categories to ensure clients get the right solutions from the right experts. The only need to submit a help ticket with specifications of their issue and a representative springs into action almost immediately. Question on how to install, setup and web designs would never cause a sleepless night to a client.


This ecommerce platform offers several exciting and interesting ads on. WordPress allows third party developers to create plugins on its site. These third party plugins creates a huge potential customers base. WooCommerce allows users to edit aesthetics and enables them to sell on Facebook. It also offers ramp up email technique of product marketing. Vendors using this ecommerce solution are able to read and learn of the behavior of their customers. However companies with high level software with specific requirements may find integrations with WooCommerce a bit hard.

SEO help.

Every websites aims at having a strong SEO to ensure the number of visitors are maximum, WordPress is reliable in Search engine optimization. It is a content creation platform with a great deal of visitors. Adding and editing body content in the user’s page is easy which increases the chances of it appearing and rank highly for specific pages. Blogs of this ecommerce platform are organized and its archives post greatly.

Back-end operations

WooCommerce enables users to perform back-end operations from it’s dashboard. With a wide range of shipping carriers, this platform makes it easy for the user to handle order fulfillment. Inventory management systems offered by this ecommerce platform helps the users manage sales and supply of their products at ease.  On this platform it is also possible to assign different responsibilities to different members of the human resource base.


The limitations of using this ecommerce solution revolve around the fact that it is just a plugin. It only powers the online part of the website. The rest is left as a responsibility of the user. Setting up the other part may require a lot of skills and expertise. Infrastructure needed to run an online store must be procured from elsewhere. Users rely on the options of the themes provided by this ecommerce platform to customize them. The biggest beneficiary may be those who use WordPress elsewhere as WooCommerce works almost as it’s replica. View eCommerce Software Appshttp://www.tekasiapp.com

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