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Are you looking for the best ecommerce site builder? According to recent Alexa study, Magento is used on approximately 20% of all the ecommerce site that are available online. Some people may not receive this as news though some may even wonder what Magento even offers. Not to worry though, as this article will give a comprehensive review of Magento as one of the most popular ecommerce site builders.

Ecommerce site solutions are made for users of three categories i.e. people with little to no programming knowledge, those with limited knowledge and for those with lots of experience in this area.

Magento happens to fall in the category of the people with professional experience with regards to web development though people with intermediate skills can also handle some aspects of the software. It is mostly used by medium to large online commerce sites which can hire experts for the purpose of implementation.

Learn about what is an ecommerce website


Magento offers probably one of the most extensive list of features of all the ecommerce software. This is one of the major reasons as to why most large corporations opt to build their ecommerce sites on it. From standard features which come along with the open source Magento to the additional features which improve functionality, Magento is made to be an all-round platform.

Some of the most notable features include:

  • SEO
  • Promotions, marketing and conversions
  • Management of the site
  • Management of the catalog
  • Product and Catalog browsing
  • Checkout, payment and shipping
  • Management of orders
  • Customer service
  • Mobile commerce
  • Gift registries
  • Private sales
  • Persistent shopping
  • Store credits

A deeper look at the features offered by Magento

  1. Ease of use

For beginners, this is not the platform for you. Magento is for people who have had some substantial experience in development. The interface provided by Magento is quite impressive as it is both quick and has an easy self-hosting setup. The organization is also good as everything is well displayed and arranged. Since this is a local installation, one requires an FTP though this is not necessarily a bother.

  1. Pricing

Magento comes in several versions from which one can choose. The community Edition is for free and is an open source offer from Magento. The user is also given a chance to give the Enterprise plan a try though one is required to be signed up by sending their full contact information.

The enterprise package is powerful and an invaluable asset to businesses that are growing fast. The possibilities that this package offers are endless. However, one needs to send a quote if they want to be configured for use by a large company. This may mean that one receives a unique quote depending on the scale of operations.

  1. Templates and design

Sadly, Magento does not offer any templates. However, the tools provided for custom design will produce impressive work if one understands how to make proper use of them. As an addition, one can access pre-built templates from the Magento Connect Store for free or at a fee for the best designed templates. Additionally, templates can be found at Theme Forest.

  1. Inventory

The Magento inventory management provides for modifications to keep up with the incoming and outgoing items in the store. One can even sell downloadable products directly from the store, monitor reviews and product tags, which adds to the control over the store.

  1. SEO and marketing

One good feature about Magento is that one does not require to look for additional tools to do marketing; it offers various tools for the same. From on-site ads to email marketing, Magento has it all. On the part of SEO, it is configured automatically though this can be changed.

  1. Payments

Magento offers one-click payments, shipping to other addresses and guest checkout. The shopping cart has an advanced calculator which bills promptly and the seamless integration with PayPal and only makes things easier.

  1. Security

Magento offers to help you resolve problems incase anything happens to your online ecommerce store. To this end, they have a dedicated taskforce for this purpose. As an example, they will offer SQL injection vulnerabilities at $1,000 to $5,000. This may appear pricey but the quality of service is top notch.

  1. Customer support

You can never go wrong with Magento customer support. The site is packed with resources for both technical and business enquiries. It also has an information blog, knowledgebase and a social forum which allows users to chat.


The vision and direction of Magento is clear from the word go. They are an enterprise level software that is aimed at meeting the needs of intermediate and higher level users. The company knows its target market and has tailored most if not all of their products for this market. However, the beginners can have a feel through the open source version. Overall, this is simply one of the best if not actually the best ecommerce site builder in the market right now.  Read more eCommerce Comparion Reviews

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