Shopify Website Builder Review

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Most people often ask which is the best ecommerce website builder for beginners. However, the answer to this question can be long and too detailed. But if I was to give a short answer- Shopify will meet all your needs. This ecommerce site builder is littered with tools which when well used can help you launch an online ecommerce store within minutes without too much hustle. The following review will elaborate in deeper detail how this is possible and all the other aspects that come along with the use of Shopify ecommerce site builder.

Shopify has always been a perfect out of the box all round solution for both small online ecommerce stores that are just starting out and bigger well established online stores for ecommerce. Another key thing about the Shopify ecommerce site builder is that is does not require one to have the technical knowledge before using it nor is it too simple to hinder the eventual growth of the business in the long run. It lies straight at the middle where beginners can learn and grow by incorporating more advanced features.

Founded in 2006, Shopify has moved from being a small player in the industry to being one of the best ecommerce website builders. Currently, it is used approximately 200,000 online ecommerce stores with some huge names in the list. Let’s now have a deeper look at the features that makes this one of the efficient online ecommerce site builders. Click here software Review

Having had a wide experience with online ecommerce platforms, I must admit that Shopify stands out as one of the most well thought out ecommerce platforms. Everything that you may need to run on your site is taken care of by a specific feature. This is complemented by having a very decent dashboard which bears some resemblance to WordPress and is clean, well arranged and easy to navigate. In case you need to add features to your ecommerce site, Shopify has one of the largest App store for that, offering both paid and free apps. Another feature worth mentioning is the themes offered by Shopify- they are amazingly responsive and easily adapt to the screen size. The implication of this is that the online ecommerce site has mobile ready checkouts, which increases efficiency.

  1. Ease of use

Given that Shopify has one of the biggest features set, one would think that you will be intimidated. However, even for small startups who are strategically given few steps so as to get them up and running, Shopify is as friendly as it can get.  One can opt to stick to the steps provided or expand the store by use of the apps or custom codes.

Shopify also provides an opportunity to test the store before it goes online and even allows dragging and dropping of elements onto the site using the live editor. I don’t foresee anyone, experienced or not, having a problem when it comes to using Shopify.

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  1. Pricing

There are four different price plans that are available to choose. The lowest is just $9 a month. Other plans are the basic plan, $29, and the biggest plan, $299. However, one is given the opportunity to try out a trial that lasts for 14 days before committing to any plan. In case you want to sell online and offline, or completely offline, you can call one of the reps to get a setup. The online plans that are available include:

  • Lite- $9 per month
  • Basic- $29 per month
  • Pro- $79 per month
  • Advanced- $299 per month
  1. Templates and design

This is one of the areas that Shopify excels a lot offering some very professional themes compared to any other online ecommerce platform. Both free and paid for themes are available for your choosing. These themes are grouped into categories and so you are guaranteed to always find the right match to your liking. Upon finding a theme that you like, you can add custom features to get that personal touch and even upload the theme to the store via the theme page.

All themes downloaded from shopping do not bear their branding which is helpful for beginners as visitors will always think that they designed the theme themselves.

  1. Inventory

Adding inventory on this ecommerce platform is incredibly easy. Additionally, every detail on the form is customizable and also accommodates SKU and bar codes. The inventory tab is well organized to display all of the products in your ecommerce store in an appealing and professional manner.

  1. SEO and marketing

Shopify comes with inbuilt SEO features, which ensures that you are always ranked on google searches as well as on other search engines. The SEO settings, though automated, can be customized to meet all your need.

  1. Payments

Shopify comes with its own payment processor known as Shopify Payments and the good thing is that transaction fees are lifted for all those who sign up for this program. Additionally, you can integrate with over 70 payment gateways.

  1. Security

Shopify does not gamble with security and therefore has its shopping cart hosted on a PCI DSS compliant server at level 1. This ensures that your data and the data collected from customers is safe.

  1. Support

Regardless of the payment plan that you choose, the company has a 24/7 dedicated team for customer support. The option include, phone, chat and email contact. There are also endless resources on the website, user forum, FAQs and tutorials.

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Shopify is built to meet the needs of all their users at different levels. The features offered are impressive and incase in doubt, you can always use the 14-days free trial to evaluate the ecommerce platform for yourself. A few more free themes would be nice but overall, this is one of the best ecommerce website builders in the industry.

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