Best Website Builder for Artists

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As an artist, a website builder that fully incorporates your potential and differentiates your art is what you need. The ecommerce website builder that you select should fit your current and future needs. This specifically in relation to its ease of use, simplified website structure or format, multimedia, social and blog integration, high end template designs etc. The most significant of these requirements include your website domain name, mobile optimization, costs and technical support with or without the programming capability. With these requirements as a foundation, here are some of the best website builders for artists.


  1. Wix

This is the best artist’s website builder in the market. This is attributed to its simplicity in use, which only requires the user to drag and drop content into an already prepared interface. Technical knowledge is not essential as it offers technical support in creating the website and in its maintenance. Wix is said to be the most popular website builder among artists. This is because of the high number of users resulting from increased mobile optimization strategies, high number of compatible applications that work seamlessly within the website. These factors work together to display your work to the world and acquiring and maintaining clients. Furthermore, it has a wide range of templates to choose from in preparing your online ecommerce store for your art.

It has suitable subscription and payment options for the site builder and the users. If not sure of Wix as a website builder, it has a free ecommerce website builder for you to tests their service. It is however, limited in some of its functionalities that will be accessed once a payment plan is selected and completed.

  1. Jimdo

Is your budget tight, here is a solution for you in your search for the best website builder. Jimdo ecommerce website builder for artists provides a free time for an unlimited period. In addition, you can generate, create and get your website up and running with a smart mobile phone app. For websites prepared on other platforms e.g. desktops, they are automatically optimized to its mobile version. Many of the website builder platforms utilize and target English audience and market. Jimdo however, has a multi-language support system for its target audience. It has over 12 languages that can be used to interact with other users.

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  1. Squarespace

Flexibility is underrated in other website builders compared to Squarespace. It allows the drag and drop simple to use system of creating a website. Furthermore, it allows you to manipulate your resources on its platform without tampering with the complex technical details. This includes phone responsiveness; the website resizes in relation to the device being used to access it. Its integration tactics are quite advanced and it can be used to import and export artistic materials through a domain. A 14-days trial period is offered to users who want to learn more about the website builder and its operations. This specific ecommerce site builder is essential in meeting the dynamic demands of many artists in the industry.

  1. Weebly

Quality of the site building is a factor to some artists even though it comes with its limitations. Weebly offers a platform in which creating a website, is fast and efficient. This is because of its incredible, simple to use, user interface. Finding your way is quite easy. This means that the websites can be developed in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it offers extensive functionalities pertaining to the range of websites that the user desires to create, a free trial for an unlimited time, wide array of templates and a suitable number of applications, technical, customer support and phone optimization.

  1. Web Hosting Hub

This ecommerce site builder allows you to build your own ecommerce website with notable and interesting hosting features. It gives you an unlimited amount of traffic on the hosting services including unlimited storage space. Moreover, it gives a free website domain whenever a subscription is made which is renewed yearly. This make transfers easy and fast. Its features and flexibility in its use may be limited but their customer support/service is fast and 24/7. Technical support, maintenance and updates of the website are provided.

  1. IM Creator

Creativity is essential in every aspect of an artist’s ecommerce activities. The creativity required in building an ecommerce website, is what this platform provides its customers. It offers a creative editor to assist in building the website. IM Creator templates are predesigned with content and therefore are simple to use. It offers a free website builder for customers and other users to familiarize themselves with the platform. This platform however, does not support ecommerce activities and therefore is planning to make sales, look elsewhere.


Building an ecommerce website requires a suitable ecommerce website for a specific function. Artists have many possible requirements and a scalable e-commerce website is a good option. Identifying the best ecommerce website builder may be a complicated process. You first have to understand and identify your needs, learn how to build an ecommerce website, identify the appropriate site builder and build your own website. All artists, are looking for a comprehensive platform. In this case, Wix would form the best website builder for you. E-Commerce Guide

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